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Dear Change Maker,

It is well known that artists lead the way in economic revitalization and the transformative change in distressed communities. Artists from all disciplines help to build the foundation for economic growth and create an exciting and interesting place to live, work and play.

The Ohringer has been developed with the goal of working closely with the Braddock community towards rebirth. We care about people first and want to make sure that as Braddock improves, the existing residents are the first to benefit from Braddock’s revival. We are hopeful that The Ohringer attracts a diverse group of artists reflective of Braddock’s long-standing diversity.

As new energy is already coming to this important, historic community, we hope you decide to become an integral part of Braddock’s community-driven transformation.

Thank you for your interest in The Ohringer!

The Ohringer HISTORY

At the time of the Grand Opening of the Ohringer Home Furniture Company Building in March of 1941, it was the centerpiece of the thriving Braddock business district.

Designed in the Moderne style, the eight story building housed “the finest to be seen between New York and Chicago.” The seasonal window displays, especially for Christmas, are remembered to this day by residents and former residents of the Mon Valley.

Many recall making their first purchases there as young newlyweds or as growing families. The furniture they bought is still being used today.

Discover the different floor plans for The Historic Ohringer building.

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To Become part of The Ohringer and The Braddock Community, please complete both the Artist Questionnaire and Resident Application and submit to Ohringer Arts of Braddock, P.O Box 493, Braddock PA 15104


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