Founded in 1912 by Abe and Helen Ohringer, the Ohringer Home Furniture Company thrived for over 50 years.  Their faith and dedication to the community was reflected in Abe’s words at the Grand Opening: “Opening our new building at this particular time is, in a sense, an expression of our confidence in this nation, in the democratic way of life as we know it.” The country would be plunged into a world war only nine months later. The Ohringer Family’s commitment to the communities they traded in is shown by the numerous programs and promotions they offered through the hard times of two world wars. By helping families acquire the furniture they needed in lean times, they built a loyalty that the Ohringer’s enjoyed for many years thereafter. That same faith and commitment to the community is why The Ohringer is being renovated to once again become the centerpiece of the revival of Braddock, Pennsylvania.

Advertisement in The Pittsburgh Press dated March 11th, 1941 for the Grand Opening for the Ohringer Furniture Co. building. The store opened March 12th, 1941.

Advertisement in the July 9th, 1930 special edition of The Daily News-Herald for the Home Furniture Company located at 850-852 Braddock Ave. Here are the roots of the business, founded by Abe and Helen Ohringer in 1912. After opening the business at 852 Braddock Ave, it expanded into the adjoining 850 Braddock Ave. The success of what happened here led the Ohringer’s to envision, then create, the new Ohringer Home Furniture Co store.

Abe Ohringer lending a hand during the demolition of the existing buildings at the corner of Braddock and 7th Ave. (Circa 1940)

Interior of the Home Furniture Store at 852 Braddock Ave, showing Abe Ohringer during an Anniversary Sale.   The photo dates from the late 1910’s early 1920’s. The cooking ranges shown can use either coal or gas to cook with.