Giving Thanks!

I extend my sincere thanks and praise to a multitude of supporters, each an integral part of making this tremendous project possible.
They say it takes a village, but it took the cooperative efforts of a Borough, County, and State to make this transformative project a reality:

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman,
who is a visionary and has led so many people, including myself, to drink the Braddock “Kool-Aid”
and become part of a community-driven transformation.

Sen. Jay Costa and Paul Costa
for being significant advocates in obtaining competitive tax credit financing, and approvals of the Ohringer Project.

Allegheny County Exec. Rich Fitzgerald, Robert Hurley, Cassa Collinge and Lauren Byrne
who arranged for the pivotal gap funding from the County as the final piece of the puzzle to make the Ohringer project a reality.

Former PHFA Exec. Director Brian Hudson, Board Member Mark Schwartz and Larry Swanson
for their support and approval of the Braddock community vision that artists lead the way in community transformation.

Tina Doose, Braddock Council; Mayor Chardaé Jones; and Braddock Manager Deb Brown,
who carefully safeguard and support community-based development and for their passion,
support and love of the Braddock community.

Architects Ken Doyno, Geoff Campbell and Robert Tunon of Rothschild Doyno Collaborative,
who worked tirelessly and far above and beyond contractual responsibilities to
provide visionary design and guidance on every aspect of the project.

Ernie Sota, Greg Rollage, Todd Eggert and Chris Michaels of Sota Construction
for providing first class, timely and professional workmanship, and for being fun to work with.

Roy Diamond, Chris Paul, and Justin Marshall
for their invaluable LIHTC consulting services.

Maxine Lapiduss
for introducing me to the opportunity to develop both Superior Motors and the Ohringer Building Project.

Pastor Tim Smith
for being an inspiration, role model, and teacher of doing something
productive with our limited time and putting people first.

Bill Gatti of Trek Development
for providing early mentoring and support to a nervous first-time developer of a project of this scope.

Robert Ketcham, Charlie Uhl, Heritage Consulting and Todd Miller
for revealing the rich history of Braddock and the Ohringer Building.

Rob Long and Pete Milo of Clearstory
for “lighting up” Ohringer’s historic glass block, and to Sign Innovation for bringing back the tremendous Ohringer signage.

Michelle Yarbrough Korb,
my first ever hired lawyer, for helping me bring this complicated jigsaw puzzle to the closing table.

To my Superior Motors and Barebones Production families
for surpassing all expectations and becoming the launching pad for further development.

Robert Ketcham, Pulsus Digital, Jordan Taylor and Andy —-
for capturing Ohringer’s past, present and future through extraordinary photos, videos, and website portrayals.